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Which industries can UV printing be applied to?

Universal material printing, industry not limited to this

What effects can Chunyu Qiufeng UV printer print?

With its unique printing function, UV printers can customize a variety of printing effects to make the product more outstanding.

High Spray

High drop printers are different from traditional flatbed printers. They can print irregular, curved, curved surfaces and other materials within a height drop of 20mm.

New process printing

CF new characteristic printing scheme, hidden security logo printing, silver cardboard matte shading printing, transparent glass matte printing and other features.

Back-to-front printing

It refers to the effect of printing on the back of transparent materials such as glass and acrylic, which is displayed on the front.

Varnish Effect

Simultaneous printing of varnish effect, precise control of local varnish print area, no need for manual painting, improving varnish print effect

Embossed Effect

Single-layer or multi-layer white ink printing, the top layer is covered with color ink, synchronous relief printing, the relief effect is exquisite, and the 3D feeling is outstanding

Color, White & Color Print

Color, white & color print at the same time, output once. Suitable for printing on glass, acrylic, PET and other materials.
Which model is right for you?

Different industries, different models, the best is the best

Create value for many global companies and entrepreneurs in various countries!

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